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Behind Peavine Creek


"A View from the Farm"

A view from the farm.
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A photo from front court yard of upper barn.

"We give our horses playtime!"
We give our horses "playtime"
We give our horses "playtime"We give our horses "playtime"
We give our horses "playtime"We give our horses "playtime"
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American Saddlebred three year old filly, Roseridge's Summer Dust by WC producer, Roseridge Heir/Summer's Dam is full sister to WGC 3-Gatied American Saddlebred Pleasure Champion, Summer N Smoke.


Wet Willie Waterfall at Peavine Creek Farm
Around Peavine Creek Farm   Around Peavine Creek Farm


"The Competitor, aka Ret"
The Competitor, aka RetThe Competitor, aka Ret
The Competitor, aka RetThe Competitor, aka Ret
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Peavine Creek's handsome Standardbred Roadster Horse by the well known and undefeated "Niatross". Eight year old Alexis Landreth up.


"Sand's Incredible Heiress, aka Gracie"
Sand's Incredible Heiress, aka Gracie with Raymi Love, up
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Raymi Love, up


"Pasture Buddies"
Pasture Buddies
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Front to back:  Paint the Sky, Kiss the Sky, Tickled Pink, Holy Moses, & Copper


"Guess Who???"

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Bob Hanshaw's Great Granddaughter, Ashley McAllister, taking a lesson on King's Ransom!!


"Khaotic Katie & James Jackson"
James Jackson & Katie
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James is a retired factory worker and purple heart veteran, who assists part-time as an animal & stable caretaker.


"Uptown Merchant!"
Uptown Merchant riden by marie
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Marie exercising her academy horse.


"Sophia Reeder & Cowboy!"
Cowboy & Sophia ReederSophia & Cowboy!
Ride 'em Cowboy, Sophia!
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Sophia is the daughter of Dee Ann & Tom Reeder from Sewanee, Tennessee. Cowboy's registered name is Perfect Mooney. He is a retired AQHA horse with points in jumping and western pleasure. It is evident by the photos that Cowboy is Sophia's favorite lesson horse!


"Oreo & Friend, Sibyl"
Oreo & Friend, Sibyl (3658 bytes)
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"Oreo & Friend, Abby!"
Oreo & Friend, Abby (3378 bytes)
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"Oreo & Friends"
Phoebe, Sibyl, Abby & Debon
Oreo & Friends,  Phoebe, Sibyl, Abby & Debon

 (6505 bytes)
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"Oreo & Grace"
Oreo & Grace (3565 bytes)
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"Oreo has horsey friends too!"
Oreo & Horse Friend (10,962 bytes)
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"Kiss The Flame"
Newborn Molly & Special Friend, Kara (6176 bytes)
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Newborn Molly with Kara


"Kiss The Flame"
Newborn Molly & Special Friends Kara & Abby (5156 bytes)
(Click photo to enlarge)
Newborn Molly with Kara and Abby


"Newborn Molly & Spike"
Newborn Molly & Spike (10,229 bytes)
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"Lucy Lane"
Horse Laugh (5917 bytes)
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Lucy giving a big 'horse laugh' after foaling little Molly.


"Lucy Lane, Molly & Kara"
Lucy Lane, Molly & Kara (6251 bytes)
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"Molly, Spike, & Debbie"
Molly, Spike, & Debbie (6552 bytes)
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A Pasture View of Peavine Creek Farm
Pasture View (10,775 bytes)
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"Antic (Jack)"
? (4069 bytes)
(Click photo to enlarge)
Bask/Aladin bred Arabian Stallion


"Hannah & her sister!"
Terre & Hannah (9367 bytes)
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Credit: Wallpaper is a photo of a sculpture, Victory Pass, by Patricia Crane Sculptress of the life size bronze Saddlebred, Supreme Sultan, at the Kentucky Horse Park in front of the American Saddlebred Horse Association & Museum, Lexington, Kentucky.

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