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July 2015
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Teressa Elaine Phillips - Owner/Trainer/Instructor/Manager

Member of:
united Professional Horseman's Association
American Saddlebred Horse Association
American Quarter Horse Association
ASHA Youth Club

Certified Teacher ~ College Graduate Educational Degree

In our horseback riding LESSON programs, we strive to advance horsemanship and skill levels and to incorporate horse FuN activities along with the LESSONS and horse activity programs. We allow individual riding students, who have special interests, desires and goals, to spend some of their lesson schedules with the show horses.

We also allow students to access the trails when desired with no additional charges

We guarantee advancement in all aspects of riding, training and horse care. We involve the students in teaching, training, horse care, grooming and feeding programs, as well as individual and group lesson sessions. We put special emphasis on each rider's individual goals and future horse related desires.

We are a professional horse training facility and horseback riding academy. We offer training of horses and riders from beginning stages of training and riding to highly competitive horse showing, as well as teaching those to ride for pleasure and the sheer love of being around and enjoying horses. You do not need to own a horse to participate or to learn or advance. We teach beginners, intermediate and advanced riders of ALL ages.

Our lessons normally range from 1 to 2 1/2 hours, private or group. When in a group, we often saddle each horse in a different style, i.e., Western, Saddleseat English, Huntseat English, & bareback, allowing the students, when they desire, to change horses, learning each style of riding throughout the lesson time.

Your are welcomed to call for details or further questions. Feel free to call us at 423-710-5747. We are open 7 days a week - 10 AM to 10 PM. We also provide professional, business and personal references upon request.


"Sky with Kendyl learning to ride Bareback"

Peavine Creek Farm - American Saddlebred Horses (5090 bytes)

American Saddlebreds

American Quarter Horses

Riders & Visitors Welcome by Appointment

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~ Thank You!

Ride 'em, Terre!

"Everyone rides at Peavine Creek!"
Lisa Marie, daughter of Tiny Elvis, riding Porkchop!! Lisa Marie, daughter of Tiny Elvis, riding Porkchop!!
(Click photos to enlarge)
Lisa Marie, daughter of Tiny Elvis, riding Porkchop, aka Porky!!


"Skye & Rider"

(Click photos to enlarge)
A young student taking lessons at Peavine Creek.


"Sarah Pimentel"

(Click photos to enlarge)
Sarah, that learned to ride at Peavine Creek Farm,
and her Paint Chocolate Chip barrel horse.
Photo by Kacy Todd


"Huntseat Lessons"

Better photos coming soon!   Better photos coming soon!
(Cilck photos to enlarge)


Four Year Old Paris
(Click photos to enlarge)
Four year old, Paris, taking a riding lesson.


Instructed by PEAVINE CREEK FARM & Terre Phillips
2004 National Academy Finals Championship Winner ~ LaBella's King, Amy Deal up for Peavine Creek Farm!!
(Click image to enlarge)

2004 National Academy Finals Championship Winner, 13 - 17 years

Rider:  Amy Deal

Another National Academy Champion taught by Peavine Creek Farm!!!

untouched Photography by Linda Wollaber/Animal Images, Copyright ©, Scott Depot, WV

"Copper Coin"
Copper Coin
(Click image to enlarge)

Proof of the versatility of our HORSEBACK RIDING PROGRAM's teaching & training ability. The Versatile Americn Saddlebred, Copper Coin, under Huntseat tack winning 2 blues in 2006 with the elegant riding Shelby Embry, Instructed and trained by the Versatile riding style instructor, Terre Phillips, of Peavine Creek Farm


"Crack The Sky"
Crack The Sky
Photo by Flealips Photography
(Click image to enlarge)



Horseback Riding Lessons
      Adults                         Children  
Beautiful Memories (5581 bytes)     Student (7349 bytes)
(Click image to enlarge)
Carla Koeffler          ~         Randall Norman      ~       with Bethany Sexton

Horseback Riding Lessons
Training ~ Boarding ~ Trail Riding
Camps ~ Horse Shows ~ Tournaments ~ Pony Rides ~ Parties
Horse Seminars ~ Field Trips ~ Demonstrations

Group Riding Lessons

First horse on left in photo below is for sale listed above ~ Horses from left to right: Perfect Moody aka Cowboy, Saber (listed on our 'Horses For Sale' page), Golden Mist aka Patootie (Sold), Crack The Sky (For Sale), The System's Wings aka Syster (Sold), uptown Merchant aka Chant (Sold).

(Click image to enlarge)

American Saddlebreds ~ American Quarter Horses
Arabians ~ Paints ~ Miniature Donkeys
Hunter/Jumpers, crossbreeds, Morgans
Ponies ~ Mustangs ~ Mules ~ Burros

Horses for Sale

w/installment options/within your budget

Horses for Lease

per month (w/purchase options)
per horse show ~ per season

Central Heat & Air
Full Bath
Laundry Room
3 Tack Rooms
Exercise/Workout Room
Work Shop
Feed Room
Shavings/Sawdust Room
Hay Room
Monitored Security Surveillance System
Monitored Smoke Detector System
Enlarged Viewing Room
2 Shop Rooms
Leaded Glass Doors
Live-in Caretakers

Indoor Insulated Stables & Arena (210' x 58')
Two Large Outdoor Arenas
Indoor Round Pen (50' x 50')
Outdoor Round Pen (55' x 55')
Insulated Stalls (12 x 12') w/high velocity fans
Broodmare Stalls (12' x 16') all stalls cleaned 3x's daily!

Peavine Creek Farm's rolling horse (8287 bytes)

Although we primarily are an American Saddlebred training facility and horseback riding academy, we are unlimited to different breeds of horses and styles of riding. I have had many years of experience with other breeds, including American Quarter Horses, Arabians and Morgans.  I also judge horse shows of other horse breeds.  We can advance you in the various styles and disciplines of horseback riding, as well as assist and/or introduce you to various breeds of horses.

Horseback Riding Lessons
English & Western

All Ages

Beginner ~ Intermediate ~ Advanced

"Sand's Incredible Heiress, aka Gracie"
Sand's Incredible Heiress, aka Gracie with beginner student, Sarah Jones, up
(Click photo to enlarge)
Gracie with beginner student, Sarah Jones, up

All Disciplines

English & Western

Saddleseat ~ Huntseat ~ Dressage ~ Stockseat
All Lesson Programs Include Instruction for:
Horse Shows ~ Pleasure Riding ~ Trail Riding ~ Showing
Horse Care & Grooming ~ Feeding Program ~ Stable Management
Training & Teaching

We Teach Teachers

We Instruct Instructors

We Train Trainers

Trail & Pleasure Riding

"Perfect Moon, aka Cowboy"
Perfect Moon and a 7 year old riding student
(Click photo to enlarge)
Perfect Moon, aka 'Cowboy', with Sydney up..a seven year old
riding student taking a western riding lesson along with a trail ride.


E-mail or Call for More Information!
Rates per hour/group/age
Birthdays ~ Girl & Boy Scouts
Holidays ~ Picnics
Church Groups ~ Group Functions ~ Carnivals

Holiday Parties

E-mail or Call for Detailed Information
Holiday Rides ~ Easter Egg Hunt Rides/Picnics
Halloween Costume Rides
New Year's Eve Cookouts & Fireworks
Kids ride into the New Year, while Mom & Dad have night off!


E-mail or Call for Detailed Information
Overnight ~ Weekend ~ Week ~ Holidays

Click here for more information
Peavine Creek's Camps (2971 bytes)
on Peavine Creek's Riding Camps!

Camp Activities

Horse Care ~ Grooming ~ Horse Shows ~ Trail Rides
Camp Fires ~ Carriage Rides ~ Cook Outs ~ Riding Lessons
Seminars ~ Equine Water Sports
Equine Art Class ~ Horseback Games

Click here for more photos
Peavine Creek Equine Water Sports (2984 bytes)

of Equine Water Sports & Games!

Equine Educational Activities ~ Seminars
Demonstrations ~ Field Trips


(Click photo to enlarge)
Riding students, Mary Lillian and Isabel with "Miranda", American Saddlebred/Hackney cross pony.

Riding students, Mary Lillian and Isabel with "Miranda" ~ American Saddlebred/Hackney Cross Pony.

"There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse."

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Peavine Creek Farm
Terre Phillips
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LOCATED near Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia, 4 miles over the GA/TN state line on I-75,
and 2 miles off the I-75 Exit 350 ramp, 12 miles Southeast of downtown Chattanooga
Call, Text (423-710-5747) or E-mail for precise directions and more information. Thank you.
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